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General Information

The City of Centralia provides electric, water, sewer and refuse collection services to the residents of Centralia. Utility bills are mailed or emailed on the first day of every month and are due by the 15th of each month without a penalty. Customers have the option to receive their bills electronically via email. Click here to send a request to have your bill emailed to you.


Director of Public Works and Utilities

The Director of Public Works and Utilities supervises the Electric, Water and Street Departments as well as oversees road and construction improvement projects for the City. This person also checks all set backs for new construction and answers zoning questions. Fleet management is also under the supervision of the Director of Public Works and Utilities and includes retention, replacement, and maintaining records of maintenance. He is also in charge of the oversight of the maintenance of all City infrastructure.

Mike Forsee has served as the Director of Public Works and Public Utilities since July 2018. Before Mike was promoted to this position he served the City of Centralia as the Water Foreman for 28 years.

Mike Forsee
114 S Rollins
Ph: 682-2139


Utility Installation Charges



       Residential and Commercial                      $100.00*



       Residential (house or apartment)              $50.00*
       Commercial                                             $50.00

Deposits are applied to the customer's monthly utility bill if he/she is still living in Centralia after 1 year of service in good standing (no more than 3 delinquent payments in 12 month period). If the customer is moving out of Centralia and a deposit is still being held, the deposit will be applied to the customer's final bill, and any refund from the deposit after it is applied to the bill will be sent to the customer. *For any returning customer that has left owing the City an old bill, a DOUBLE deposit will be charged in addition to the full payment of the outstanding balance..


For new customers, the trash fee is paid up front.
        Regular trash fee                                     $16.00
        Senior rate (65+ and living alone)             $8.40

        Dumpster Rate                                        $33.00

For large and bulky trash, such as mattresses and sofas, customers will be allowed 1 (one) item per week at no additional charge. For each additional item, there will be a collection fee of $7.50.


Aerial or underground connection for residence or small business:

In City:
No cost for connection of line, $1.00 meter connection fee plus deposit.

Out of City:
        Full actual cost of labor and materials, $1.00 meter connection fee plus deposit.
        Connection for large business by arrangement.
        Reconnection fee - $1.00

Temporary Construction Connection:
        $25.00 fee.

WATER (New Service)

In City:
1,000.00 plus deposit. (The City makes the tap, checks it, sets the meter and meter jar.)

Out of City:
Actual construction cost, but not less than $250.00 plus deposit.

SEWER (New Connection)

In City:

To Public sewer - $100.00 tap fee, customer pays for and performs or hires actual attachment, plus deposit.
To district or private sewer customer pays for and performs or hires actual attachment and pays apportioned cost of main to district or owner, plus deposit. (The home owner or construction company does the tap and calls the City for an inspection.)

Out of City:


Customer pays $200.00 tap fee, plus performs or hires actual connection to sewer within the City, plus deposit.


Utility Rates


The electric rate for ALL customers within the City of Centralia is as follows:

  • $.1067 per kWh
  • $10.05 base fee

Example: 500 kWh x .1067 + 10.05 = $63.40

  • Gross Receipts Electric is 5% of the electric total

Example: $63.40 x 5% = $3.17


The water rates for ALL customers within the City of Centralia are as follows:

  • For the first 2,000 gallons - $4.24 per 1,000 gallons
  • For the next 10,000 gallons - $3.90 per 1,000 gallons
  • For all usage over 12,000 gallons - $3.71 per 1,000 gallons

In addition to the rates listed above, a meter fee based on the size of meter is assessed as follows:

  • 5/8 - 3/4 inch meter - $4.24 per month
  • 1 inch meter - $8.19 per month
  • 1 1/2 inch meter - $11.88 per month
  • 2 inch meter - $19.70 per month
  • 3 inch meter - $58.44 per month
  • 4 inch meter - $97.83 per month

The minimum charge for water is $4.24 plus the base meter fee
Example:       800 gallons with 3/4 inch meter = $8.48
                     800 gallons with 2 inch meter = $23.94

The water rates for customers living outside the Centralia City limits will be the rates listed above plus 20%.


The sewer rate is based on water usage.

  • $.1238 per 100 gallons of water used
  • $13.20 base fee added to calculated total



  • *Missouri Primacy fee of $.25 (residential)
  • *Sewer Connection fee of $.06 (residential)

*Commercial rates vary depending on the size of the water meter.

  • Tax is charged as follows:

1.75% for residential (County Tax only)
8.475% for business inside City limits (City, County and State Tax)
5.975% for business outside City limits (County and State Tax)



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