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Street Department

Centralia's Street Department consists of 3 full time employees who have been employed with the city for an average of 10 years. As one of the most visible departments around town, our Street Department always has a

check-list of tasks. The day-to-day projects of the Street Department employees are widely varied. On any given day, here are a few examples of the work assignments for this mobile crew:

  • Maintenance of city streets
  • Conducting street over-lay projects as prioritized by the Board of Aldermen
  • Making, installing, and maintaining all the signs
  • Cleaning ditches
  • Installing driveway culverts
  • Mowing and weed eating
  • Snow removal (i.e. plowing, spreading materials, and hauling off snow)
  • Street sweeping
  • Construction of new storm sewer projects
    Street Dept. Employees from left: Anthony Burks, Foreman Phil Hoffman, and Josh Calvert

  • Maintenance and up keep of the city's 3 closed landfills
  • Hauling tree limbs after storms
  • Replacing or replacing curb and gutter
  • Removing sidewalks for homeowners to replace and replacing sidewalk sections
  • Painting all the pavement markings
  • Maintaining the city's 2 compost facilities
  • Operating the residential recycling program, 5 days a week, every other week
  • Operating the business cardboard recycling program, 3 days a week
  • Maintenance of all street department's equipment (grader, loader, backhoe, mower tractor, 3 pickups, 3 dump trucks, street sweeper, dozer, paver, )
  • Oversee and run the annual Spring Clean-up
  • "Anchor Fest" preparations every year

If you have concerns about street repairs or sign conditions, please contact the City of Centralia Public Works Department at  publicworks@centraliamo.org.

If you have concerns about major, safety hazards that need immediate attention, please contact the Centralia Police Department at 573-682-2132 and the Public Works Department will be notified.


Drainage LinesStreet crews installing drainage lines and widening the W. Lakeview Street in preparation for the new 3-5 grade school.

Visit our community and see the recent accomplishments for the street department:

  • Have added 2 snow plows and 1 spreader to our fleet of snow removal of equipment in order to clean streets a little quicker.
  • Built a new brush/yard waste drop off site on North Street
  • In the process of installing over 4,000 feet of storm sewer on Lakeview
  • Numerous street overlays
  • Built new curb and gutter along Singleton in front of the Prenger's
  • Numerous small drainage projects for homeowners and businesses of less than 200 feet
  • Helped the Park Department with tearing down houses and old shelters, building parking lots, new playgrounds, paving, and so much more!

Phillip Hoffman,
Street and Sanitation Department Foreman

Phillip started with the city street department in 1991 working summers while he was in college. At that time, he did all of the weed eating, recycling, filled in on the trash truck, and what ever was needed of him. In 1996 Phillip graduated from the University of Missouri with a BA in geography, and related fields in surface water. He was offered a full time position with the Centralia Street Department and was only too happy to live in his hometown and use the knowledge and resources he had gained. In 2000 the foreman position came open and he has held this department leadership role since then. His city crew has been with him almost the whole time he's been the foreman.

Philip was born and raised in Centralia. He and his wife are both graduates of Centralia High School and both graduated from MU. They make their home in Centralia, with their 2 daughters. The community of Centralia provides their family with the environment that is important to them.

"I enjoy working here with all the new challenges that arise, getting to see the town grow and knowing that I was a part of that growth and stability.

Come visit our City of Centralia and see what we have to offer!"


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