Cemetery Donation Information

Donation checks must be made out to "City of Centralia Cemetery".

Donations to the city cemetery may be sent to:

City of Centralia Cemetery
114 S Rollins Street
Centralia, MO  65240

Donations are used for the operating and general upkeep of the cemetery such as: - help to offset the cost of mowing the cemetery - maintenance of grave spaces - repairs to monument foundations (if funds are available and no family) - road maintenance Past donations have allowed the creation of the computer database with the ability to create maps and the cemetery directory.  The concrete streets have been installed as funds have been available.   

Perpetual Care Donations

Donations designated as perpetual care must be invested and the City can only use the interest earned for cemetery operations.  With low interest rates, this has definitely reduced the funds available for operating the cemetery. For each grave space sold, $25.00 is invested in the perpetual care fund.  The cost of each grave spaces is $300. If you have any questions about donations or anything else, please contact Cemetery Sexton, Phyllis Brown at the above address or call 573‐682‐2139 or via email phyllis [at] centraliamo.org.