Bursting red firework in the black sky

The Centralia Fire Department is active within the community and is very proud of the many public relation activities we do! It's a tradition that our department serves the community with several key holiday activities to enrich the lives of our citizens.

  • We base our public relation pride on the tradition that was started in 1933. We escort Santa Claus around town on Christmas morning and distribute treat bags to children. It's customary that the fire truck sirens alert the children that Santa Claus is coming! Visitors to Centralia are delighted with this tradition and the kids love the treat bags Santa hands out. 
  • We are always eager to share fire safety information with our citizens, and we give many tours of our two fire stations to our citizens and also give them fire safety talks.
  • We also enjoy providing the citizens of Centralia with a Patriotic fireworks display every Fourth of July. This project is handled by our firefighters who give up their family holiday time in order to provide an artistic fireworks display in the skies over Centralia.
  • On Halloween night the children of Centralia know that one of their trick-or-treat stops must be our City Fire Station #1. The kids can meet Sparky the Fire Dog and pick up a sack of Halloween candy.