Mission Statement / Statement of Values

Mission Statement

"Our principle is to help our citizens live safe and prosperous lives".

It is the desire of our city government to work together in a sense of pride, and a spirit of personal accomplishment and partnership.

We, as citizens of Centralia ourselves, will accomplish this through professional insight, community service, fiscal responsibility, public safety standards, innovative programs, goal setting for the future and individual responsibility.

The outgrowth of our work together will enable our diverse citizens, young and old, to continually grow and prosper.

The City of Centralia...
       Stability, Trust and Pride!

Written by Shelley Becker, 2004 Resolution R-0403


Statement of Values

As the citizens of Centralia, we are united through shared values and common concerns.

We will help our citizens achieve their desired personal growth.

Quality of life:
The Board of Aldermen, the City Administrator and city government leaders will strive for improved services in order to keep our citizens pleased. Various departments will work to implement city codes, ordinances and programs in order to lead our citizens.

Fiscal Restraint:
Our city government leaders will use our resources wisely and will plan for future growth, keeping in mind a sound financial footing.

Continual improvement:
There must be a mutual understanding for a sustained commitment to betterment and contributions through trust and quality of life.

We will share the belief that individuals will be treated fairly and ethically.

Our public safety departments will carry out city ordinances, receive appropriate training and will interact with our citizens in a positive manner.

Our citizens will be called upon to share ideas, plans and projects in order to achieve excellence in our community. it is the responsibility of our citizens to learn about their government and to demand excellence.

Written by Shelley Becker, 2004 Resolution R-0403