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Application for Employment

Title Posted Date Closing Date Files
Part Time Dispatcher Mon 12/04/2023
Part-Time Customer Service Rep/Scanning Clerk Mon 07/24/2023
Assistant City Clerk I
Assistant City Clerk I Thu 02/03/2022
Apprentice Lineman or Lineman
Full Time Patrol Officer Wed 08/31/2022
City Administrator Mon 08/08/2022
Part-Time Customer Service Representative Mon 08/01/2022
Equipment Operator (Full-Time) Mon 07/25/2022
Project Coordinator (Part-Time) Thu 06/30/2022
Full Time Police/Fire Dispatcher Fri 07/01/2022
Director of Public Utilities and Public Works Mon 06/13/2022
Police & Fire Dispatcher Tue 03/01/2022
Assistant City Clerk I Thu 02/03/2022
Finance Clerk Thu 12/23/2021
Chief of Police Wed 11/03/2021
Lineman Mon 10/25/2021
Part Time Scanning/Filing Clerk Thu 06/24/2021
Golf Course Supervisor & Special Events Coordinator Mon 03/01/2021
Equipment Operator Fri 01/15/2021
Police & Fire Dispatcher Thu 12/31/2020