City of Centralia Requests Participation in Lead Service Line Inventory Survey

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In response to a Department of Natural Resource requirement, the City of Centralia is requesting all water customers to participate in a Lead & Copper Service Line Inventory Survey. This initiative aims to enhance the understanding of lead service lines within the city's water infrastructure, ensuring the provision of safe and clean drinking water to residents. Residents and business owners can assist the water department in this endeavor by checking the water lines in your home and/or business. 

The survey, available in both online and paper formats, is a crucial step towards fulfilling regulatory obligations and prioritizing public health. For the online survey please click here. 

Water customers can access the survey through the city's official website or by filling out the paper survey, which has been distributed to all households and also conveniently located on our website. The City of Centralia assures residents that all responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of improving water infrastructure and safety measures.

Residents are encouraged to complete the survey at their earliest convenience to support the city's efforts in compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring the continued delivery of safe drinking water to all households. For further inquiries or assistance, individuals can contact Public Works & Utilities Director Matthew Rusch at 573-682-2139 or mrusch [at]

Together, the collective participation of Centralia's residents will contribute significantly to the city's ability to effectively manage its water resources and prioritize public health initiatives.