Sidewalk Conditions


Sidewalks in Centralia are generally sufficient in their location and extent to encourage and adequately serve pedestrian traffic. However, citizen surveys have cited the need of maintenance for deteriorating sidewalk areas.

In 2014, the Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission completed a sidewalk inventory for all sidewalks in Centralia, shown below, and sidewalks were categorized as good, fair, or poor.  A “good” condition indicated that the sidewalk is unlikely to hinder mobility of the average pedestrian.  The survey indicated 57 % of sidewalks to be in good condition, with the 43% in fair or poor condition. The current City sidewalk system is 98,766 linear feet or 18.7 miles.

Sidewalk Improvement or Replacement Program:

The City continues to budget funds to address sidewalk improvements, replacement, and accessibility needs. Applicants must complete an application to install/replace the sidewalk prior to any work being done. If the sidewalk is deteriorating and the customer applies for assistance, the City may determine that it meets the requirements for reimbursement through the City's sidewalk reimbursement program. This program will reimburse up to $1250 of the cost of concrete for the sidewalk.

At this time, the City does not have a comprehensive Sidewalk Plan. Connectivity and ADA compliance are high priorities for the City.


How do I go about replacing the sidewalk in front of my house?

  • Per the City Code, residents are required to maintain the sidewalk in front of their residence. However, the City does offer a reimbursement program as long as funds are available to help offset the cost for their sidewalk replacement.

What is the reimbursement program?

  • The City has adopted policy #24 regarding a reimbursement program for sidewalk replacement
  • The City Administrator can approve reimbursement of up to $1,250 (not to exceed)
  • If the amount is over $1250, the Board of Aldermen would have to approve reimbursement over $1250 (depending on how much money is available for sidewalk replacement)

How much money is available each year for sidewalk replacement?

  • The City budgets $14,500 each fiscal year for sidewalk replacement
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