Panther Water Tower

Water System

The Water Dept. has three principal components: water supply, treatment facilities, and distribution system. The water distribution system is generally in good condition. The water treatment plant, constructed in 1981, is in physically good condition in regards to the concrete basins and buildings, and is scheduled for a complete renovation in 2020. The treatment plant capacity is 1.2 million gallons per day (mgd). On a peak day, the plant operates at approximately 60% of the design capacity. The system has sufficient capacity and water pressure to maintain an ISO 5 rating.

The minimum design standards for community water systems require that "the total developed ground water obtained from drilled wells shall be equal to or exceed the maximum day demand." The plant has adequate capacity to meet current peak day demands while using only one well. Each of the City's three wells meet those criteria.

Centralia gets its water from three deep wells, each 1400 feet deep. All three wells have been refurbished from 2010 to 2012. Number 3 well was drilled in 1959 and refurbished in 2010. The refurbished well has a productive capacity of 950 gpm (or 1.37 million gallons per day), equal to well number 4 (refurbished in 2010 and lowered in 2017) and well number 6 (drilled in 1996 and last overhauled in 2012). the recent improvements to the wells allow the City to achieve a firm capacity of up to 2.56 million gallons per day through the joint operations of any two of the wells.

Elevated and Ground Storage Tanks

Centralia has three storage tanks: two elevated and one ground storage tank. 

  • 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank: The 500,000 gallon tank is called the N.E. tower and is located on N. Howard Burton / North Street.
  • 250,000 gallon elevated storage tank: The 250,000 gallon tank is called the S.W. tower (or Panther Tower) and is located on W. Lakeview Street.
  • Water Plant Clear Well: This 330,000 gallon ground storage tank is located on the east side of the Water Plant on Booth Street.

Water is carried through approximately 8 miles of 2" - 12" mains, on which there are 365 valves. There are 270 fire hydrants throughout town, and about 1900 water meters.

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