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Street Inventory and Condition

The City of Centralia maintains an inventory of streets and conditions.  The inventory is updated annually and reviewed during the budget process. The inventory describes the street, width, length, pavement type and condition ranking.  Streets in Centralia are generally considered in good condition. 

Transportation Network Improvement Priorities:

  • Safety improvements at the intersection of State Highways 22, 124, and 151.
  • Randolph Road extension south to Highway 22
  • Safety improvements at Highway 22 /Jefferson Street intersection.
  • Highway 124 and Lakeview intersection (safety improvements)
  • Jefferson Street widening from Cox St to Gano Chance St.
  • Downtown street improvements as required.
  • Chester Boren Middle School passenger drop off/pickup area.​
  • Gano Chance and Jay Jay intersection improvements.

Future Transportation Improvements - Funding

In general, safety improvements, pedestrian accessibility, and future extensions of existing streets will all be required in the future.  Funding sources for these projects will all be by the City of Centralia, MoDOT (state system improvements), available transportation grant programs, or the creation of improvement or development districts.  

The City of Centralia receives approximately $500,000 annually to address transportation system needs.

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